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  1. The country could see a new government formed or fresh elections as the PM faces removal.
  2. The Berlin embassy diplomat made inflammatory Facebook posts alongside idyllic Adriatic images.
  3. Unregistered migrants have until Tuesday to leave or face expulsion from Turkey's biggest city.
  4. The PM calls the Irish border plan "unviable", but the EU says he hasn't offered realistic alternatives.
  5. Manchester United's Harry Maguire calls on social media companies to "stop these pathetic trolls" after team-mate Paul Pogba is subjected to racist abuse online.
  6. Irish police say they have arrested two suspects in connection with the New IRA attack.
  7. Hundreds of firefighters are tackling the wildfires that are tearing through the holiday island.
  8. Simon Gautier, 27, made a plea for help 10 days ago, saying he had broken his legs in a cliff fall.
  9. The shadow home secretary says the policy would "make Windrush look like a minor blip".
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