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BBC News - Europe
  1. More than 23 tonnes of the drug was discovered in two raids on shipments heading to the Netherlands.
  2. A German court sentences Eyad al-Gharib to jail for complicity in crimes against humanity.
  3. Amnesty strips him of the status but links it to an "orchestrated campaign" to discredit him.
  4. The "street scene in Montmartre" is conservatively expected to fetch up to £6.88m at auction.
  5. The British socialite is in jail in New York awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.
  6. IS militants carried out a string of deadly ambushes and hit-and-run attacks there recently.
  7. Video shows the search for coffins that tumbled into the sea from a cliff-side cemetery in Genoa.
  8. The defendants are accused of helping Islamic militants who killed 130 people in the French capital.
  9. The discovery of the preserved skylights and paintings was "completely unexpected", experts say.
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