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  1. Mateusz Morawiecki's remarks come as tensions escalate over Ukraine's grain exports.
  2. Ethnic Armenian separatists agree to disband and give up their weapons as part of a ceasefire.
  3. The region is at the heart of a long-running conflict between ethnic Armenians and Azerbaijanis.
  4. Orla Guerin visits a hospital and clinic in Ukraine, where 15,000 lost limbs in the first half of 2023.
  5. Ariane Lavrilleux was held overnight over a report on Egypt using French intelligence to kill civilians.
  6. Jewish performer Fritz Grünbaum, who owned the Egon Schiele pieces, was killed by the Nazis in 1941.
  7. Protestors gathered at parliament buildings in Dublin as politicians met after summer break.
  8. Most of the Spain team agree to end their boycott, says secretary of state for sports Victor Francos.
  9. The Polish government is embroiled in allegations that migrants were illegally sold visas.
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