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  1. Portuguese leaders say the country's exclusion from a list drawn up by the UK government is "absurd".
  2. Hours after Philippe's resignation, an inquiry is launched into the government's handling of Covid-19.
  3. The French president moves swiftly to replace Edouard Philippe with a mayor from the south.
  4. Two ex-aides of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman are among 20 on trial in absentia for the killing.
  5. Air France-KLM plans thousands of job cuts at its French arm as the air industry reels from the pandemic.
  6. Father Sergiy is refusing to leave a convent near Yekaterinburg after seizing it with armed guards.
  7. Ex-Amnesty Turkey chief gets six years in ruling condemned as an "outrage".
  8. Explosions in north-west Turkey leave two workers dead and many more wounded.
  9. Marek Wisniewski, from Poland, was found with 80 kgs of cocaine when he was stopped at Dover Port.
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