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  1. Sebastian Kurz calls for an early election after his deputy resigns over a corruption scandal.
  2. Duncan Laurence wins the contest with his song Arcade, but the UK's Michael Rice comes bottom.
  3. The Labour MP rejects the Cold War claims and says he did not have access to such sensitive material.
  4. Victims of an abusive sect founded by a former Nazi soldier in southern Chile will be compensated.
  5. Switzerland is full of gun clubs, but now the EU is urging tougher controls.
  6. MPs in German parliament say the BDS movement uses methods reminiscent to those used by the Nazis.
  7. Convicted paedophiles could now face 30 years in prison amid outrage over sex abuse by priests.
  8. The environment is a hot topic in Europe now - so can Green parties turn that into more votes?
  9. Climate-conscious adults are allowing children to cast their ballots at the 2019 European election.
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