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  1. Ukraine's president refused to say which stage the counter-offensive against Russian forces was in.
  2. Four children and two adults were attacked in a park in France's Alpine region on Thursday.
  3. Dragos Tigau made a racist comment at a meeting in April but has only now been disciplined.
  4. Maryna and Valentyna found themselves trapped on the Dnipro River when Russia invaded last year.
  5. Doctors say the Pope is recovering from abdominal surgery, but will remain in hospital for another week.
  6. Catholic pilgrim Henri said he simply followed his instincts when confronting the Annecy attacker.
  7. Frank Schneider, a former spy, faces a maximum of 40 years in prison for his role in a crypto scam.
  8. Revised data shows the eurozone's economy contracted at the end of last year and the start of 2023.
  9. Moscow blames Ukraine for damage to the key Togliatti-Odesa pipeline on Monday, which Kyiv denies.
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