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  1. Deborah Sciacquatori, 19, acted in self-defence in an episode of domestic abuse, say prosecutors.
  2. Spain's parliament admits jailed Catalan politicians, but nationalists shout them down.
  3. Some UK citizens in France have received their European election postal votes late - or not at all.
  4. Lyon striker Ada Hegerberg is voted BBC Women's Footballer of the Year 2019 by fans.
  5. Some Tory MPs are renewing calls to oust the PM, as Labour calls her new offer "too weak".
  6. The Freedom Party pulls out after two top party figures are caught up in a secret video.
  7. The Brexit Party leader is referred to a European Parliament committee over the £450,000 sum.
  8. Voters across the EU are about to go to the polls - find out who's involved and what's at stake.
  9. Italy's Matteo Salvini is gathering an array of right-wing leaders, but can such an awkward alliance work?
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