2022 BHCC Annual General Assembly

Important notice: Please note that this document has been drafted in Greek and English. In the event of any discrepancy between the English text and the Greek text, the Greek text shall prevail.


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Athens, 28 March 2022





Ι. According to the decision of the Board of Directors of 24th of March 2022 and the provisions of Articles 8 and 9 of the Articles of Association (Athens First Instance Court registration number 2172/2021), the members of the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce (BHCC) are invited to the 2022 Annual General Assembly to be held on Tuesday, 12th April 2022 and start time at 13:00, with physical attendance, at the Chamber’s offices (25, Vas. Sophias Ave, Athens).

In the event that a quorum is not established on the aforementioned date, and in line with the Articles of Association, the Annual General Assembly shall be held again, and all members will be notified by e-mail,


on Wednesday, 13th April 2022

starting time at 15:30 (arrival time: 15:00)

at the Hellenic Armed Forces Officers Club (LAED) / Saroglion

“Terpsichori Hall”

1, Rigillis Street & Vas. Sophias Ave, Athens Gr-10675


in order to discuss and decide on the following items on the agenda.



The Annual Report will not be available in booklets during the AGM due to Covid-19 restrictions.


Item 1: Election of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman and a General Secretary of the General Assembly, after a quorum has been established, by the President of the BoD

Item 2: Report of the Board of Directors for the year 2021

Item 3: Annual Accounts for the year 2021

Item 4: Auditors’ Report

Item 5: Discharge of both the Board of Directors and the Auditors from any responsibility for the year 2021

Note: The documents that will be submitted to the General Assembly related to the Agenda, will be available in electronic form and will be in time uploaded on BHCC’s website.

In the event that a quorum is not achieved on the first date, we suggest (as it is usually the case) members of the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce who intend to participate in the virtual Annual General Assembly, to kindly consider participating in the second indicated date, namely Wednesday, 13th of April 2022, at 15:30.

As per the prevention of Covid-19 disease, relevant health measures will be applied in compliance with the prevailing  Greek legislation for which members will be notified timely.


ΙΙ.  Procedure and Requirements for Participation in the Annual General Assembly

According to the provisions of the Articles of Association and the Law, only paid-up members that have fulfilled their financial obligations (annual subscription fees up to 2022 included) to BHCC are eligible to participate and vote on matters on the Agenda, at the Annual General Assembly. In this light, all members are kindly requested to settled any outstanding subscription fees the soonest possible and if possible by Monday, 11th April 2022.

Legal entities may be represented by a duly authorised representative, in writing, who may fully exercise all the rights of the member, using the Proxy (A) template (provided). Any paid-up member of the Chamber shall be entitled to be represented at the General Assembly by another member of the BHCC, as long as the authorisation document is submitted in writing using the Proxy (B) template (provided). Both Proxy types offer the right to vote on all the items on the Agenda.

As far as legal representation is concerned, we would like to note that:

  • each member - physical or legal entity - may represent up to three (3) paid-up absent members.
  • Regarding the legal entity authorisation procedure, please note that the legal representative of the entity must duly sign and stamp the proxy document before submitting it to the Chamber.  
  • Proxies shall be sent by email (scanned) to the attention of Mrs Lina Dede This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and / or Mrs Louiza Stefa, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or delivered by post/courier or handed in, in person at the BHCC’s premises (To: the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, 25, Vassilissis Sophias Avenue, 1st floor, Athens, 10674, tel.: +30 210 72 10 361), the soonest prior to the scheduled Annual General Assembly date. Alternatively, proxies may be handed in to the BHCC personnel upon arrival at the Annual General Meeting venue. Please confirm safe receipt of the required completed Proxy with the BHCC personnel and remember that if a Proxy concerns a legal entity, it should be duly stamped and signed by the legal representative of the legal entity.


ΙΙΙ. Data Protection consent

Members who wish to participate in the Annual General Assembly of BHCC either in person or through a representative, provide their consent to the use and retention of specific data (name, surname, email address, phone number, potential position as a representative of a legal entity). GDPR provisions of members are described in the appendix of their application documents, sent to BHCC when first enrolled at the Chamber.


Dear Members,

We warmly thank you and we will be happy to welcome you at the Annual General Assembly of the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.


Yours Sincerely,


Anna Kalliani      Kyriacos Evangelou

President            President

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