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  1. Ukraine immediately branded the Russian president's proposals "offensive to common sense".
  2. France's left-wing parties say they have united to take on National Rally in snap elections.
  3. Germans - divided by politics and economic struggles - hope to unite behind the national side.
  4. Other big names, including Whoopi Goldberg and Conan O'Brien, were also present at the audience.
  5. The vocal powerhouse tells the BBC about her devastating health battle and her comeback plans.
  6. Russia has accused the journalist of collecting "secret information" on behalf of the CIA, charges the US denies.
  7. Local officials say the 59-year-old did not return after setting out on a hike on Tuesday.
  8. The EU court will also impose a penalty of €1m a day until Hungary changes its policy.
  9. The funds will help Ukraine to fight invading Russian forces, a move Moscow condemns.
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