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BBC News - Europe
  1. One of the world's biggest dance music stars dies in Oman, with no cause of death announced.
  2. The main train station reopens after the evacuation of about 10,000 people.
  3. An Algerian woman is denied citizenship for refusing to shake the hand of an official.
  4. Sister Agnès-Marie Valois treated captured Canadians after the disastrous battle of Dieppe in 1942.
  5. The man fled custody in Iceland and got on a plane that was carrying the country's PM.
  6. But the BBC understands the UK's plans have come in for sustained criticism from EU officials.
  7. Makers of meat-free foods to be banned from using terms like sausages or steaks to describe products.
  8. Spanish victims reject an apology by the armed separatist group ahead of its expected dissolution.
  9. The Kremlin says the US is deliberately making it difficult for Aeroflot crews to get entry visas.
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