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  1. The US president made his strongly caveated remarks after talks with French President Emmanuel Macron.
  2. A presidential adviser says the oil giant is could still receive profits from its stake in Russia's Rosneft.
  3. Chantal Akerman's film Jeanne Dielman, released in 1975, is considered a seminal feminist work.
  4. Germany is spending €300bns to shield its people from soaring energy bills. Will it work?
  5. As the two presidents meet for a state dinner, Laura Trevelyan looks at what they have to talk about.
  6. Japan reach the World Cup last 16 as Germany crash out, but should Japan's winner against Spain have counted on a dramatic night?
  7. The Italian club's board resigned en masse this week - it denies allegations of false accounting.
  8. The platform is said to be hosting hundreds of videos that celebrate the Russian Wagner group.
  9. Western leaders say Russia's attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure are illegal, but what does the law say?
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