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BBC News - Europe
  1. Europe and Japan celebrate the successful launch of a quest to visit the closest planet to the Sun.
  2. The St Petersburg woman is the first to be charged with interfering in the US mid-terms elections.
  3. For the first time, Saudi Arabia admits the critic was killed and says 18 Saudis have been arrested.
  4. This comes after Poland lowered the retirement age of Supreme Court judges, triggering protests.
  5. When several French job centres tried out a TV talent-show approach there was immediate criticism.
  6. A person identifying as intersex receives the gender X in their passport after court ruling.
  7. A Russian MP is among 17 cleared of handling mafia profits in Spain.
  8. Turkish officials believe the Saudi journalist's body may have been disposed of outside Istanbul.
  9. Assessment centres outside the EU are not acceptable, the foreign minister tells Austrian media.
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